Press Release Partnership Applexion Seprosys in hydrometallurgy

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365 Boost - Non-stop operations to optimize productivity of purification lines

Optimize productivity by carrying out maintenance without production downtime nor operating swings.

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R&D mission and activities

With a 50-year history of delivering high performance operating units and process lines, we have developed a smart and optimized project management methodology. Your project is in good hands at Applexion!


Pilot units at your site, for rent or sale

Our pilot units are optimized based on Applexion’s R&D and industrial experience. They are designed to help you reach your process development and industrialization goals.


Operations capabilities & industrial project execution

Operations oversee system projects execution, which includes project management, design office, purchasing and logistics, and commissioning.

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Process lines

A complete range of services for upstream & downstream technologies. Process lines fully developed by our teams, when a “good start“, with early involvement of your technology specialist, makes the difference.

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Training Services. Keep your teams at the edge of technical know-how

Be trained by experts specializing in separation technology and purification process management. Enable your teams to attain operational excellence and to deploy optimization programs.


Patent Clearance Search

Be assisted by Patent and Process Engineers​. Evaluate the potential risk of patent infringement during a process development.

Cover picture - Dacarbonization audit

Decarbonization Audit. Evaluate and reduce the impact of your purification equipment on environment.

Be assisted by specialized experts for evaluating the carbon footprint of your purification line​. Get recommendations for lowering the carbon footprint of your purification equipment and process lines and for saving water​.

Cover picture - Technical audit

Technical Audit. Get the best out of your purification equipment

Be assisted by experts for evaluating your purification equipment performances. Evaluate how to improve productivity and how to lower OPEX of your purification process lines.