Cover picture - Consumables

Consumables management to ensure the daily performance

Select the most adapted consumables for your process. Follow the aging of the consumables and order new ones on time for replacement.

Cover picture - Link 4.0

Link 4.0 - Easy and dedicated digital app to simplify organisation and documentation

Available on an mobile app & on a web platform. Manage the purification life cycle of your equipment and consumables by centralizing information. Benefit from a quick access to the up-to-date documents and required associated certificates.

Cover picture - Perform 4.0

Perform 4.0 - Digital guidance solution to optimize purification process parameters

Available on a web platform. Enjoy shorter time to reach your performance objectives. Get the most out of your equipment.

Cover picture - Run 4.0

Run 4.0 - Daily digital solution to better operate the purification process

Available on a web platform. Get a quick and helpful view of the mechanical state of your process. Provide process monitoring, alerts, identification & recommendations.