Cover picture - 365 Boost

365 Boost - Non-stop operations to optimize productivity of purification lines

Optimize productivity by carrying out maintenance without production downtime nor operating swings.

Cover picture - Recycle Boost

Recycle Boost - Utilities saving solutions to optimize costs and reduce carbon footprint

Upgrade solution. Make savings by recycling and reusing effluent fractions. Improve your carbon footprint by reducing water consuption and chemical usage.

Cover picture - Filter Boost

Filter Boost - Ceramic filtration upgrade to decrease utilities consumption

Upgrade solution. Choose a “do better“ solution to upgrade your filtration system. Redesign Cleaning In Place (CIP) process. Adjust Membrane Design to your needs.

Cover picture - Redesign Boost

Redesign Boost - New column design to extend purification lines lifetime

Revamp solution. Improved return on investment thanks to extended lifetime of columns.

Cover picture - Decolo Boost

Decolo Boost - Decolorization upgrading solution to optimize costs and reduce carbon footprint

Revamp solution. Make savings by modernizing your ion exchange process. Reduce your carbon footprint by implementing efficient brine recycling loop.