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And you want your team to get technical updates and best practices refreshers from our specialists in Applexion technologies operations.

And you need a specific or customized assistance for some of your Applexion technology systems or your production line.

And you want more insight in how Applexion technologies work and best practices refreshers on daily optimization of our technologies and handling exceptional events.

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Our team of specialists provides regular training classes in all regions and can customize training sessions for your own operational teams. Training classes focus on Applexion technologies, to provide deeper understanding of the process theory, best practices and tools to help them operate safely and at performances optimum. Side by side, the best team to be in full control of your process, everyday.


Regular training sessions occur in all regions and will be announced well in advanced on our website and LinkedIn. Follow us and stay in touch! Training is also included at start-up of every new system Applexion delivers. And we remain at your disposal to customize a training session, at your place or at our place for your team. For a refresher or newly on boarded operators and managers, or in preparation for equipment upgrades or revamping.


We start by reinforcing the fundamentals of mechanics, hydraulics, chemistry, and automation. Additionally, our attention extends to optimizing operating conditions, covering aspects such as productivity, yield, purity, and consumption of power, steam, water, and chemicals. This includes training to use the latest digital tools available for performance management. Target is ensuring product quality, performance stability and consistency, everyday. We also provide insights into consumables, covering selection criteria, lifetime management and best practices.


Take advantage of our services either on your site or at Applexion premises for a tailored and convenient experience.


Your benefits


On-site tailored

We can help you achieve the best performance from your unit by providing tailored assistance including:
  • Fine-tuning: together with our process experts and engineers, we can optimize the operating parameters of your process to reach its optimum productivity.
  • Assistance in handling exceptional events: change out of your consumables (resin or membranes) and equipment inspection.
  • Troubleshooting: thanks to our deep expertise, we can identify the root-cause of any deviation and propose solutions to prevent them.
  • Process expertise services: access to our process development experts and piloting services to improve your process performance.
Going further, our experts can provide you with unique customized audits, analytical expertise and process improvement services.

Your benefits

Keep your process at its optimum productivity :

Excel your process

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It is on these strong roots that Applexion has decided to strengthen unique expertise
and offering on Chromatography, Ion exchange and Membrane filtration technologies.
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units designed, built and commissioned over the world.
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applications studied and developped in our R&D centers.
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customers regularly served all over the world.
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years of experience in our purification technologies & consumables.
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years in in-house characterization and algorithm development & modelization on our technologies & consumables.

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