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Some industrial products are key in the current time of industry evolution, and they require cutting edge purification technologies!

At Applexion, for +50 years, we have developed and addressed a huge diversity of special application, from lab to large scale. Probably more than any others in these technologies. This is why, together with technology leaders for some industrial products, we are developing specific and cutting edge purification solutions using Applexion technologies.



Hydrometallurgy production
Li and rare earths

Applexion has entered into an exclusive partnership with Seprosys, in the field of purification for hydrometallurgy. Seprosys has developed a strong knowledge background in hydrometallurgy field in the last 15 years, focusing its efforts on purification of energy transition metals. Their developments are based on proven and reliable technologies facilitating industrial scale-up. With teams based in La Rochelle, France, Seprosys manages up to 20 different projects a year, from process discovery to proof of concept pilot plant scale.

Hydrometallurgy sector, notably through the drastic increase of Lithium and other metallic compounds needs, sourced from direct extraction or geothermal drilling wells and recycled from previous uses, is facing key environmental and purification challenges while world is progressing in energy and mobility transition.

Applexion will ensure scale-up and industrialization of Seprosys proven processes, both in Direct Lithium Extraction and in energetic metal separation and recycling, especially when coming from black mass treatment. Those processes can be adapted and specially designed when production of additional metallic compounds aside lithium is sought, such as manganese, copper or cobalt.

Specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals

Applexion is involved in the development of industrial purification processes for chemical intermediates.

Applexion™ SC (sequential chromatography), Applexion™ ion exchange and adsorption provide clients with industrial robust solution to decolorization, desalting and purification.

Applexion™ SC (sequential chromatography) enables to achieve the highest level of purity of the target molecule in the field of fractionation and enrichment.

Kerasep™ filtration systems and membranes are the industrial reference for clarification and concentration processes.


Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid production

The industrial phosphoric acid solution contains minor elements, such as Fe, Al, Mg and heavy metals such as Cd. These impurities can be removed by Applexion™ Ion exchange technology. Many innovative developments have been performed by Applexion™ in relation with ion exchange technology, especially to remove mineral impurities present in very small quantities. Indeed, even showing residual traces, these minute impurities can be very detrimental to final product quality, impairing its sought properties.

In order to optimize economics and to reduce environmental impact of industrial systems, continuous ion exchange technology is one of the most suitable solutions which provides significant benefits such as final purity level and effluent recycling. Combined with nanofiltration and reverse osmosis units, a very significant amount of water can be reused, saving massive amounts of fresh water.

When deploying continuous Ion Exchange system, Applexion™  will help you select the best resins, guaranteeing optimal balance between day-to-day performance and prolonged shelf-life.

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