Training Services. Keep your teams at the edge of technical know-how
Technical Audit. Get the best out of your purification equipment
Utilities saving solutions to optimize costs and reduce carbon footprint
R&D mission and activities
Process line- A complete range of services for upstream & downstream technologies
Pilot units at your site for rent or sale
Operations capabilities and industrial project execution
New column design to extend purification lines lifetime
Intellectual Property Audit – Evaluate the potential risk of patent infrigement during a process development
Digital guidance solution to optimize purification process parameters
Easy and dedicated digital app to simplify organisation and documentation
Decolorization upgrading solution to optimize costs and reduce carbon footprint
Decarbonization Audit. Evaluate and reduce the impact of your purification equipment on environment.
Daily digital solution to better operate the purification process
Consumables management to ensure the daily performance
Ceramic filtration upgrade to decrease utilities consumption
Non-stop operations to optimize productivity of purification lines

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