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This is for You, if You’re

And you want to save up to 50% of cost and greenhouse emissions by boosting the purification performances of your systems
  • Add our Performance Boosters to your processes. Save from 30 to 100% on water & utilities usage.
  • Benchmark solutions with sustainability and economics criteria.
  • Full Carbon footprint of your project, Scope 1, 2 and 3.
  • Unique set of Industry 4.0 services for optimal production every day.

And you want to save up to 50% of costs associated to your consumables

  • Optimize production parameters on a simple and robust “anytime needed” basis, while the trio consumable / product / operating conditions is changing.
  • Monitor everyday the status of your consumable install base and the performance evolution of each of your consumable.
  • Anticipate and optimize frequency & scheduling of maintenance, change out or any exceptional operation related to your consumables.
And you want to gain in expertise and control of your equipment, wherever you are, whoever you are
  • Be aware of current status of every system you have in charge in real time and in no time. Focus on when and where you are needed the most.
  • Follow and/or challenge our real-time assessment and recommendations to optimize your everyday production and non-routine challenges.
  • Audit, troubleshoot and remedy to system early appearing inefficiency from wherever you are.
  • Benchmark, test and analyze the performances of your systems across multiple units, multiple plants and compared to Applexion reference.

Tell us about your challenges

If you look how to further optimize the performance and reliability of your production,
if you try to minimize your consumable costs, including resins and membranes, let’s work together!

Optimize your process

Digital services and consumables management,
your purification process optimized

1. Our digital services

Optimized hydraulics and mechanics
of your system everyday*

Optimized purification process

Centralized information
for your equipment and consumables management *

*Run 4.0, Perform 4.0 & Link 4.0 are protected by IP rights.

Digital services

A better mechanical state of your process


Run 4.0 is a daily digital solution to better operate your purification process. It gives you a quick and helpful view of the mechanical state of your process, and it provides you process monitoring, alerts, identification and recommendations.

Focus on where and when you are wanted the most :

Monitor your purification system on a dashboard with a simple and visual color.monitoring-purification-process-applexion

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Optimize your everyday production and non-routine challenges.

Recommendations are linked to the indicators colour code :

  • Yellow: Vigilance -> Recommended action.
  • Orange: Priority -> Priority action.
  • Red: Major malfunction -> Immediate action.

The list of recommendations on the equipment is edited:

  • Find on which part of the system an action is required.
  • Use it directly to take a quick decision on the action to be taken.

The list of recommendation will be automatically updated, as the symptom will disappear.

Your benefits


Digital services

Optimized purification process parameters


Perform 4.0 is a digital guidance to optimize your purification process parameters.

Based on a unique and reliable Applexion patented solution, it will be your on-line expert assistance in purification process settings, whatever your level of expertise in the technology is.

It allows you to:

Reach your targeted separation performances (purity, recovery, impurity level …) quickly.

Customize your own digital twin by entering your production parameters and product analyses, and then, you get recommendations map to efficiently choose your new settings. Gain in expertise and control of your equipment, wherever you are, whoever you are.

Your benefits


LINK 4.0 is a digital application designed to simplify the lifecycle of XA resins. By centralizing information and batch tracking capabilities, it will allow real time information access everywhere. A simple QR code makes the link between your consumable and your equipment. No manual entry required to make sure you have all the updated documents and certificates with you at all times.

It allows you to:

Choose a modern solution for your operators, quality service and process control through automatic receipt of resin delivery, quickly identify which resin bag is in your columns.

A unique and dedicated Applexion software based on the easy use of QR codes together with a user-friendly phone application (also available in a web version).

Replace the notebook and all paper pages with a digital solution available and updated wherever you are.

Your benefits


2. Consumables management

Thanks to +50 years experience and a new large scale consumable screening capability we select or advice the most adapted consumables for your process, manage the aging of the consumables and provide guidance to replace them at the right moment, minimizing stock. Optimize your process and reduce wastewater as well as chemicals and water consumption by challenging your consumable selection and condition of use.

Thanks to our +50years experience, with more than 20 000 mꝪ of resins and over 300,000 ceramic membranes installed in recent years, you will get the best experts by your side.

2 types of consumables:


Best choice
& lifetime optimization


Best choice
& lifetime optimization

Consumables management


Maximize your performance

Each Applexion™ XA resin is selected thanks to a strict benchmark and extensive analysis of its behavior.

We also make sure that each Applexion™ XA resin, is compatible with intensive industrial activities all along its lifetime.

This expertise, combined with laboratory and pilot plant evaluation, allows us to provide best-in-class resins specifically adapted to your application.

We can help you choose the best resin to maximize your process performance and improve your product quality.

Maintain your process

To maintain your process at its optimum level, we also offer our resin associated services including :

  • Resin status characterization through a full Applexion analysis including recommendations on process/treatment or resin replacement.
  • Resin loading and unloading assistance services.


Consumables management


Ceramic and organic membranes

Our Kerasep™ range of high-performance ceramic membranes are designed with the best balance between filtration surface, hydraulic diameter, chemical resistance and mechanical robustness. 

Kerasep membranes offer many advantages for industrial processes:

  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Whole pH range.
  • High viscosity and concentration.
  • Long lifetime Wide range of geometry & cut-offs.
  • Inert material – No product damage.

Organic membranes are polymer based and are the technology of choice for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

Applexion organic membranes are cost-effective organic spiral nanofiltration membranes, highly resistant and specifically well-adapted for industrial processes.

In addition to a large filtration area, you will benefit from :

  • High resistance allowing you to use the membrane under harsh conditions including extreme pH (2-14), high temperatures (5-80°C) and operating pressures (5-20 bar).
  • Excellent retention of high molecular compounds (colorants, divalent ions, etc.).
  • High permeate flow rates.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy to set up and maintain: membrane replacement is quick and easy by employing our user-friendly membrane extractor.

Benefits of Applexion consumables

Save up to 50% of costs associated to your consumables.

Why choose Applexion?

It is on these strong roots that Applexion has decided to strengthen unique expertise
and offering on Chromatography, Ion Exchange and Membrane Filtration technologies.

units designed, built and commissioned over the world.
+ 0
applications studied and developped in our R&D centers.
+ 0
customers regularly served all over the world.
+ 0
years of experience in our purification technologies & consumables.
+ 0
years in in-house characterization and algorithm development & modelization on our technologies & consumables.
+ 0

The only global player, all over the world and all over the life cycle of your equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it most of cases it can be easily applied. For Applexion older generations of systems, and for others as well. The performance boosters focus on water and utilities usages optimization while minimizing the modifications on the system. You can expect to save from 30 to 100% consumption / performance boosters can also be combined with Run and Perform solution, either installed prior to the addition of the performance boosters in order to first benefit from savings without modifications of the system and to confirm the feasibility and potential savings – or together with the implementation of the performance boosters.

Our findings show that most of the carbon emissions to be saved is by the optimization of the operation of the system and of its integration in the overall process. This is why we have designed our performance boosters and our unique set of Industry 4.0 services. Their targets is to tackle +800,000 tons of CO2 eq emission per year through optimizing existing manufacturing assets. Specific savings cases with sustainability and economics criteria are studied and provided on demand. 

Yes they are. And they are not addressing the same target. Run 4.0 runs every shift an automatic audit of your system, assessing multiple hydraulic and mechanical criteria. It tells in a very explicit way action driven way if any action needs to be taken and where, which degree of urgence & importance and how to do it. Perform 4.0 offers guidance in tuning / fine tuning parameters to tackle hidden losses in productivity and operating costs. At Applexion, we however recommend to use both Run & Perform for an optimal result.

Yes of course, and that is a big point of it. Consumable usage can result in hydraulic effects that are efficiently and rapidly detected by Run 4.0. They also result in a change of the interactions between the resin and the product, with consequences either on performances or on operating conditions to apply. Perform 4.0 allows to adapt to these changes still getting the best out of the system design and consumables capabilities. Link services have also a crucial role in an optimized consumable management. Consumable usage effects are for some part irreversible, and for a big part reversible through specific operations. These services allows the best management of these specific operations and related fine tuning.

Both Run 4.0 and Perform 4.0 are set for each unit autonomously.

They are also designed in order to handle efficiently:

  • Numbers of systems for the same plant and/or from multiple plants
  • Numbers of users and users profiles

The implementation can also be made “all in one go”, but most of the time we are implementing the solutions on a step by step basis.

Run and Perform today only work on chromatography, ion exchange and membrane filtration.

However, they are developed on OIA platform from Optimistik .

We can also study with you the implementation of OIA solution on all your process line, integrating the other process units aside from Applexion units.

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