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This is for You, if You’re

And you want to save up to 50% of cost and improve productivity.

  • Extensive diagnostic of historic performances.
  • Evaluate how to improve operations: improve reliability and lower OPEX ensuring highest quality of your purification process lines.

And you want to save up to 50% of cost and greenhouse emissions by boosting the purification performances of your systems.

• Be assisted by specialized experts for evaluating the carbon footprint of your purification line.

• Get recommendations for lowering the carbon footprint of your purification equipment and process lines.

And you want to be sure that the production process is not covered by any patent.

  • Be assisted by specialized patent and process engineers on our applications.
  • Evaluate the potential risk of patent infringement during a process development.

Tell us about your challenges

Whether if you need a technical audit of your production line,
a decarbonization audit to reduce your environment footprint
or a patent clearance search to be sure that your production process project is not already covered by a patent,
we are at your side.

Audit your process

Advised by our experts
get a complete audit of your production line.


To have a technical audit
of your production line


To reduce
your environment footprint


To make sure you are free
to operate on the IP side


Technical Audit

Be advised in case of
technical modification


At any time during the life-time of your equipment or process line, get an exhaustive technical diagnostic and recommendations from analysis of your historic data thanks to Applexion Digital investigation platforms and our specialists.

Based upon local historic data collection, combined with team interviews (operators, QC manager, production managers), we will produce a detailed report including:

  • Summary of recent and present operating conditions, based upon key indicators.
  • Identifying root causes of your process– or product-related main issues.
  • Diagnostic with main issues and solving options.
  • Applexion solutions and recommendations, including improved performance expectations together with ROI and carbon emission savings analysis

This audit can provide you with several options:

  • Fine-tuning of your operating conditions to reach the optimum performance of your process.
  • A tailor-made training program for your operational teams to make sure they perform each operation optimally and in compliance with good practices.
  • More advanced process modifications and upgrades to significantly increase your productivity.

Expert Investigation
and analytical expertise

During the course of manufacturing operations, the performance of your process can be altered. Quality, purity, color and sometimes taste can be impaired. The consequences can be significant, including a loss of productivity, a degraded quality and in worst case, the impossibility of reaching targeted product specifications. This may translate into serious financial impact.

This can have multiple, non-obvious causes, such as variations in raw material source and/or quality, flocculation or coagulation during processing, problems with washing and rinsing effluents, the persistence of non-reversible coloration, etc.


To help you identify the problem and take appropriate actions, we can provide you with expert customized missions  that are unique in the industry:

  • Identifying the root-causes of a specific your process- or product-related problem thanks to complete and unique analytical capabilities.
  • Developing the analytical methods to be implemented at your site to make sure you will be able to anticipate the problem.
  • Proposing and designing process upgrades to prevent the problem from occurring again.
  • Implementing this process solution at your site after demonstration of its efficiency through piloting studies and tests.

We can provide continuous improvement services to regularly increase the competitiveness and profitability of your production.

Benefits of Technical audit


Decarb Audit

Find out Applexion technologies
environmental benefits and improvements


At any time during the lifetime of equipment or process line, get technical diagnostic and recommendations from our specialized decarbonization experts for an optimal use of Applexion technologies. Based upon local historic data collection and officially recognized reference data base, combined with team interviews (operators, QC managers, production managers), we will produce a detailed report about the carbon footprint of your purification equipment or process line (scope 1&2) .

This detailed written report will include:
  • Principles of implemented methodology.
  • Description of deployed technology, equipment or process line.
  • Summary of operating conditions.
  • Analysis of the carbon footprint split.
  • Applexion solutions and recommendations for lowering impact based upon :
    • Short term actions.
    • Medium term actions.
    • Long term actions.
How do we proceed?
  1. Overall review of operating conditions.
  2. Collection of local activity data.
  3. Calculation of the carbon impact of purification operations.
  4. Options and recommendations.

Benefits of Decarb audit


Evaluate and reduce the impact of your purification equipment :


Patent Clearance Search

Make sure you are free
to operate on the IP side


Checking that the production process is not covered by a patent is a delicate task with great challenges. That is why we offer to help you with our strong expertise both in IP and in our processes and application:

With our IP specialists:

  • Start the study at the right stage of process development.
  • Correctly identify the relevant patents (geographical area, status, owners…) where risks of infringement may a rise.
  • Understand the technologies to analyze each relevant patent.

What are the different steps?

  1. Establish a relevant patents list from advanced research.
  2. Analyze and compare the claims with the expected technology.
  3. Get a clear situation assessment.

Benefits of IP Audit

Get a patent clearance assisted by Patent and Process Engineers :


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