Social responsability

A significant amount of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions is coming from human industrial activities. Applexion’s teams are determined to implement actions that will reduce this impact.

Our customers transform agricultural raw materials and biomass. To feed us better, and to produce biosourced alternatives to oil. Through our technologies, we help them to produce these products, old and new, in the best possible way.

We are committed to support our customers in decreasing their carbon emissions, either by improving the way they produce or by supporting them in the development of new products with a positive impact on health and decarbonization.

To do so, we have decided to strengthen a unique expertise and offering on Chromatography, Ion Exchange and Membrane Filtration technologies :

- To Design and Build the most efficient systems and processes, taking into account sustainability and economics criteria, from lab to commissioning, from idea to project execution.
- To Run and Perform them the most efficient way, thanks to a unique set of services and expert support every day.
- To Upgrade and Revamp them instead of changing for new or continuing to produce with limited efficiency and high carbon emission, thanks to performance boosters easy to adapt.

Applexion translates this vision into its governance, its social role and environmental responsibility through strong and shared values of commitment, innovation and care for people.


1. Governance


Applexion management

Applexion management has expressed it’s full dedication in supporting Industry efforts towards decarbonization through:

  • a vision of reducing climate impact for our customers, and notably Carbon emission & Water usage.
  • a Products & Services offering set to serve this vision.
  • a focus on Industries transforming renewable agricultural material into bio sourced food, feed and biomaterials.
  • in measuring carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3) of our activities, products and services and using it for decision making.
  • in disclosing and disseminating decarbonization best practices to our team members and stakeholders.

Our purpose

We offer day-to-day solutions for excellence in purification processes.

Applexion strategy & activities are focused for positive impact on 4 of the UN SDG:

  • Responsible consumption and production.
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure.
  • Decent work and economic growth.
  • Reduced inequalities.

In addition, ISO 26000 is used as a source of inspiration to structure our governance.

Recently Applexion joined the Coq Vert Community launched by BPI France with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological transition (A network of >2000 entrepreneurs committed to the climate).

The entire Management Committee is mobilized in CSR direction, with the signing of a commitment contract where our objectives of decarbonization and fight against environmental degradation are stipulated:

  • Measure our carbon footprint and implement at all levels (global, local) actions to reduce the carbon footprint on a daily basis.
  • Integrate the carbon footprint criterion into our decision-making chain.
  • Optimize our processes and provide services to reduce consumption energy and chemicals.
  • Improvement of processes to reduce the effluents generated.
  • Innovating for the production of low-carbon bio-sourced molecules.

Furthermore, a first  « Decarbonization day » took place on November 25th, 2022, to train the full Applexion team on Climate change awareness & priority action at individual level, team level and as a Applexion activity level.

Through work processes already in routine :

  • Management committee (CODIR)  piloting the activity on 2 feet:
  • A daily business supported by regular business & activity management routines.
  • A strategic vision supported by an ambitious STEP (Strategic execution plan) and CSR management.
  • Sites Health & Safety managers empowered on the 2 Applexion sites.
  • Work council (CSE) and Health, Security and Work conditions commission (SSCT) elected by employees, with regular reviews and collective agreements negotiations.
  • A Decarbonization committee, nominated for 3 years, in charge of:
    – Implementing decarbonization road map.
    – Evaluating climate change risk & opportunities yearly evaluation.
    – Disclosing decarbonization best practices internally & externally.

All the above documented and integrated in our ISO 9001 certified processes.


Our objectives

Develop Sustainable design and Performance boosters.

Systematically give our customers the opportunity to benchmark solutions through sustainability and economics criteria.

Support our customers development to feed us better, and to produce biosourced alternatives to oil through +50 years’ experience and the deployment of unique R&D capabilities in applying our technologies to new applications.

Tackle +800,000 tons per year of CO2e from production that can be avoided by better using our technologies, everyday.

Our Vision

Contribute to reducing climate impact for our customers:

by increasing the efficiency of their daily production,
by developing processes for healthy food & for new bio-sourced molecules.

2. Social


We care for people

At Applexion, we maintain respectful and constructive relationships with our work councils to ensure effective communication and collaboration. Our commitment to transparency and engagement is global through the presence of one work council in France and another in China.

We prioritize open communication through monthly meetings. These sessions include comprehensive reporting on finance, training, safety, security, and labor conditions, allowing for valuable feedback. Additionally, we provide yearly reports on Strategy, Compensation & Benefits statistics and evolution, Profit sharing, Training, and fulfill all legal reporting requirements.

Applexion is dedicated to fair and equitable employment practices. Our negotiation efforts extend to collective agreements, all of which are conveniently accessible on the Applexion Intranet. We conduct yearly negotiations for Compensation & Benefits to ensure our employees are fairly rewarded for their contributions.

Recognizing the importance of a vibrant workplace culture, Applexion allocates an autonomous budget for Social and Cultural activities and a dedicated space on Applexion Intranet for autonomous communication.

At Applexion, we take pride in encouraging a responsible and caring workplace, exemplified by a series of collective agreements aimed at creating a “Good Place” to work. These agreements cover various crucial aspects, including the promotion of equality, fair labor conditions, profit-sharing arrangements incorporating CSR criteria for both the management and employees, initiatives supporting green mobility, telework, and encouraging employee inventors and innovation.

We prioritize the growth and well-being of our team through strategic initiatives:

  • Cooptation policy for hiring.
  • Training programs, with high focus on peers training & company learning culture.
  • Managerial skills development.
  • Climate change awareness, providing training on climate change measures and calculations, ensuring our team is well-informed and engaged in sustainable practices.
  • Annual interview for all, followed by people review, training & succession plan.
  • Promotion of internal mobility.
  • Gender parity at hiring.
  • Disability awareness training and inclusion program.
  • Harassment prevention committee.

3. Environmental

At Applexion, decarbonization is at the heart of our vision, of our offering and of our development.

We have a business model supporting our customers in environment and decarbonization challenges and opportunities the industry is facing.

In order to best design our services and systems all around the lifetime of our equipments, we have first proceeded through a detailed calculation of the Scope 1, 2 and 3 of our activities in two dimensions:

  • The manufacturing, transport and installation of a system.
  • The daily process operation of the same system.

The analysis allowed us to identify +800,000 tons per year of CO2 eq from production that can be avoided by better using our technologies on existing systems, everyday.

We have designed our Run & Perform and our Upgrade and Revamp services to tackle these emissions.

Our customers transform agricultural raw materials and biomass. To feed us better, and to produce biosourced alternatives to oil.

Through our technologies, we help them to produce these products, old and new, in the best possible way.

We are proud to Design and Build the most efficient systems and processes, taking into account sustainability and economics criteria, from lab to commissioning, from idea to project execution.

Because sustainability is also a matter of mindset and knowledge, we have nominated a  Decarbonization committee in charge of :

  • implementing decarbonization road map.
  • evaluating Climate change risk and opportunities yearly.
  • disclosing decarbonization best practices internally & externally.

Among the road map for 2024

On our sites

  • Training of all employees to the Climate Fresk and Applexion commitments.
  • Regular Scope 1 and 2 reporting.
  • Energy reduction and waste recycling programs.
  • Commuting emission reduction plan :
    • Green mobility collective agreement promoting carpooling, train & bike.
    • Regular “soft mobility days”.
    • Remote work agreement.
    • Electric cars promotion (car policy, charging stations).

CO2e reduction in our Operations

  • Water consumption reduction (-50% target at start-up).
  • Optimize logistics.
  • Professional travel policy in place; Target -50% vs 2019 in Operations.
  • Decarbonization at our suppliers.

CO2e reduction at our customer’s

  • Launch of our Performance Boosters and our Digital services Run 4.0, Perform 4.0 and Link 4.0.
  • Product CO2e calculation our quotations to offer sustainability and economic decision criteria.

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