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Who is Applexion ?

The only global player, all over the world and all over the life cycle of your equipment.

Applexion is an historic & global supplier of key purification technologies: chromatography, ion exchange and membrane filtration. These technologies are used in a large variety of industrial processes, and notably in food ingredients, functional ingredients, fermentation and bio based products
units designed, built and commissioned over the world.
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applications studied and developped in our R&D centers.
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customers regularly served all over the world.
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years of experience in our purification technologies & consumables.
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years in in-house characterization and algorithm development & modelization on our technologies & consumables.
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Our mission

We contribute to reducing climate impact & carbon emission of the industry by

  • Increasing efficiency of our customer’s daily production.
  • Developing processed for healthy food and new bio-sourced molecules.

To do so, we offer day to day solutions for excellence in purification processes:

  • Helping you in the design of the process you need. Easy to use and robust from lab to industrial scale:
    • In mature or new applications.
    • For main products on side-products valorization.
  • Improving everyday operation :
    • By ensuring every day’s performance.
    • Reducing products inputs and maximizing outputs.
    • Extending lifetime of consumables.
    • Modernizing your existing unit.

Our history

Where are we coming from?

Applexion creation

Dedicated to ion exchange system design & special applications, Applexion was founded in 1968 and developed a unique know-how for responding to the needs of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, para-chemical and bio industries.


International development

In the '80s, Applexion experienced significant international expansion outside Europe, particularly in Asia, the Americas and North Africa.  The company continued its development of the field of applications.

Expanding technologies

  • The company then developed membrane filtration and continuous chromatography.
  • Using SMB technology at first, while developing SSMB which will soon become the leading chromatography technology in food & biotech industry.
  • Start of  process lines projects combining multiple technologies.

Joining Novasep group

It acquired TechSep from Rhodia/Solvay Group in 2004 and added Kerasep™ ceramic membrane in its technology portfolio.

This was also the period when Applexion set up operations in China and developed applications in industrial biotechnology, biomass purification and biobased chemicals.

Fast expansion in China

Alongside its rapid expansion in China, Applexion underwent strong application diversification and increased its consumables and services activities.

It also developed digital services based on its in-house modeling expertise.


Applexion is back

Independent after 20 years in the Novasep Group, the company launches a wide range of digital services supporting the industry's decarbonization efforts and modernizes its technologies. The development of application diversification continues, supported by decarbonization trends.

Our team

A word from the President


Damien Brichant

Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of participating in and witnessing numerous projects and situations involving Applexion technologies around the world.
My conviction has only strengthened during this time :
- Our technologies, already widely used, are great assets in a greener process industry. They are and will be used in many more applications in the future, both in the food and non-food sectors.
- The level of expertise required to use them well and in the right place is high, from R&D to operations. I have met a number of true professionals, always eager to share insights and doubts with the players.

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However, true specialists in these technologies, from application development to operation, on equipment and resin/membrane, for new projects or modernization of existing ones, are a very small community.
A growing community of users and applications, in multiple remote locations around the world. A high level of expertise required to achieve performance, concentrated in a small and fragmented community. It is a contradiction, or at least a challenge to overcome.

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Making these required technologies easily accessible, at their best, every day, around the world.
Making performance easy for everyone is the mission we set out to achieve when we launched Applexion.
Knowing that this increased access to performance can eliminate up to 800,000 ktpy of CO2 emissions is a powerful motivation for the entire Applexion team.
That is why we are here today.
That is why you should try us.
Welcome to the Applexion Journey.

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Our values



We create new products, new services or ways of working.



We challenge ourselves, we dare, and we stick to our word.


Care for people

We care for the ones we work with and for the ones we work for.

Our team

Our management


Damien Brichant


Didier Caire

VP Sales - Systems & Process development

Céline Deliere

Chief Financial Director

Franck Honoré

VP Sales - Services & Consumables

Nicolas Pautal

Operation Director - Services & Consumables

Olivier Pauwels

Marketing & Business Development Director
Sanndy SHEN-web

Sanndy Shen

General Manager Asia Pacific

Cécile Tissot-Guerraz

Human Resources Director

Eric Valery

Technology & Innovation Director

Eric Wintenberger

Operation Director - Systems & Process development

About us

Applexion in figures

regions (EMEA, APAC, Americas)
technologies (Chromatography, Ion exchange, Membrane filtration)
patents related to our applications & technlologies.
+ 0
consumables qualified for specific applications.
+ 0
tons/year of CO2eq can be avoided by better using our technologies, everyday.
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Our expertise


From the early idea of a project to its execution, we are your partner for your purification projects.

From the lab feasibility and consumable screening to the commissioning of system, we are your partner for your purification projects.

From the production optimization to the system modernization, we are your partner for your purification systems,

From consumables supply to consumables management, we are your partner for your purification systems.

We have a unique expertise in quantities of applications, quantities of consumables, and quantities of situations encountered.

We everyday use science and unique algorithms to characterize, research and predict interactions between consumables and products in a large set of operating conditions and all system designs encountered.

We include this science in our digital services to production optimization, so that you can use it every day.

We everyday put our +50 years worldwide multi-application experience in designing modernization and performance boosters adapted to your situation.

We include this science in the way we develop new applications & new system designs.

Based on this science, we have built a large scale consumable screening capabilities, used from R&D, to regular survey and troubleshooting practices.

We everyday adapt to engineering and fabrication standards of a very large set of industries and regional specifics with easy program integration.

We include this science in the way we audit, troubleshoot and modernize existing systems.

Based on our experience, we make your historic process line a new state of the art one.

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